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About Us

QiEco is a UK business based in Surrey. Started in 2020 by our founder Nicholas, QiEco believes in people looking after themselves and the planet. Feeling good in and about yourself can lead to more effective change!

We look to bring you products that help you feel better in yourself. Products that you can use every day and products that are considerate to the planet.

Our sustainable products are carefully designed and use the best materials available to bring you something very special.  We believe in buying less but buying better, and in doing so having something that lasts longer.

We want you to love the products you buy from us - not just because of the quality, the design and the fact that 'you'll love using them', but also knowing that we have looked carefully at the environmental impact across the lifecycle of each product to ensure we've done the best we can at each and every stage.

Transparency is important to us at QiEco - we believe we're doing a good job but are always looking at ways to improve.


Our Commitment

We believe that all businesses should be doing their bit for the planet, and at QiEco we want to lead by example. 

 Every product purchased from us helps us to plant a tree and we pledge to donate 25% of profits to environmental projects and causes.


Cruelty Free

We always have and always will be a cruelty free brand.